About Us

We have been growing Irises in NW Arkansas for over 25 years and have been selling Irises for over 15 years.  We are a family owned operation.  We outgrew our NW Arkansas location and now have a farm in SW Missouri where we grow many varieties of Irises.  We have in bearded irises the following varieties:  miniature, standard dwarf, intermediate, border, and tall bearded irises.  We also sell Louisiana Iris, which are beardless variety.  We are members of the American Iris Society as well as the Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS).  We also hybridize Irises and are growing stock on some that we plan to introduce soon.

We do ship all year long, so put a comment in the shipping details if you would like a different shipping date/month, specific to your area's climate and growing conditions.