Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

We do not require physical returns, please just keep the order.  If there is a problem or concern, please contact us in one of the following ways with a description of the concern and a picture if applicable:

1.  Find your order on this website, there is an option to message us through your order.

2.  Facebook private messaging on Ozark Iris Gardens facebook page:

3.  Send us an email at

4.  Call us at (417) 226-0938

We will discuss the concern and come to agreement on best path forward as fairly and quickly as possible.  


We ship all year long, within reason (for instance, we can't dig in really wet or frozen conditions).  You can add a message to your order and specify a shipping date or month that is better for you (depending on your local weather conditions) and we will ship when requested. 

Otherwise, we endeavor to ship your order within 2 weeks of receiving it, if possible.  There are factors that can slow us down for instance weather and/or the number of orders we have in the queue.  Orders can be up to 2 months wait time when there is a back log during the height of the ordering season, so please be patient.  Also, rest assured that we dig fresh and ship within 48 hours of digging when your order comes up next in the queue.  We ship by first in, first out order.