Iris Seedling Bed

Posted by Tammy Skahan on 27th Mar 2022

Iris Seedling Bed

It was a beautiful weekend here on Ozark Iris Ln in Southwest Missouri.  We took advantage of the great weather and cleaned out one of our seedling beds.  This bed was planted in 2019 and the seedlings are doing very well.  Hoping to get more blooms this year and see them for the first time.  Due to a very late freeze last year, some of the bloom stalks did not make it and were ruined by the cold weather.  We are hoping for a great bloom season this year weather permitting.

Some of the seedlings from this bed have already created such a good clump that we have split them up and re-planted in a new spot.  Propagating the seedling is very important in order to be able to have enough to introduce to the market place.

We have yet to do an introduction of our hybridized irises and are looking forward to accomplishing this in the near future.

Hoping your weekend was as enjoyable and fulfilling as mine.

Happy Gardening!